Accelerate your success story with the help of our User Story Library

Our library consists of the most popular and common user stories across all core salesforce products and many add ons. In total we have over 2000 stories that have been carefully written, estimated and had solutions created.

A benefit of our library is that it gives you an early picture of the level of detail we will need to get to in order to deliver your project effectively. This means you and your team can organise your internal teams and prepare them for what level of information they might need on hand to answer our questions.


Why does any of this matter? Well when it comes to consultancy, time is money. The more time spent trying to understand your requirements and how they will be achieved the higher the overall bill.

Wouldn’t you rather we spend time understanding the more complex and unique aspects of your business than the general parts that are consistent in all businesses. Simply put, saving time saves you money and also means you can use your final system earlier allowing you to unlock your returns sooner.

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Another great thing about the user story library is that each user story is customisable. Businesses are not all the same and a one size fits all approach won’t cut it.

Business analysts will be carefully adjusting acceptance criteria based on your inputs to ensure the final product delivers the most value to your organisation. This also helps preserve anonymity when it comes to other customers so you can rest assured knowing that other companies aren’t copying your homework.

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The library has been built from decades of experience from the best consultants in the industry so you’re likely to see ideas you may have never considered serving as the basis for your long term roadmap.

This depth and experience means that there is something for every business no matter your size. Experts regularly review the library in line with Salesforce releases to ensure it stays fresh and up to date.

If you’d like access to this great tool, reach out to a member of our team so that we can get you on track to a super start with Salesforce.
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