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Know where you want to go but don’t know how to get there? Know where you want to go and kind of know how to get there? Don’t know exactly where you want to go but know you need to move forwards somehow? Then engage with Simpala Advisory Services.

Use our advisory team to:

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Understand the Bigger Picture

Our team can provide a holistic view of your business's processes and how Salesforce fits into it, whilst considering the larger organisational goals and objectives.

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Define Your Strategy & Roadmap

We'll understand your processes, pain points, and long-term goals. This allows them to design a Salesforce solution that aligns with your overall strategy.

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Define the Project Approach

To establish a firm foundation for the project. This would involve outlining the project scope, timeline, budget, and resources required to achieve the client's goals.

No organisation ever goes into a programme knowing every single element in detail or identifying and mitigating every single risk prior to beginning.

By the time they did not only would the moment have passed but we would all be long retired talking about the good old days. But what organisations can do is lean on industry experts who have experienced many times the very process they are nervous about embarking upon.

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We can provide you with advice and guidance on:

  1. Strategy & Planning: Define detailed outcomes for programme planning and provide tech. Assess processes, data, people, and plan with you.
  2. Change Management: Partner with Evolution Transformation for change management, maximising user adoption and ROI.
  3. Implementation & Customization: Choose what, when, and how much budget. Decide on people and systems involved, retire and migrate data.
  4. Integration: Prioritise critical system integration and evaluate investment return.
  5. Data Management: How to best manage data within Salesforce, including data cleansing, data enrichment, and data visualisation.

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