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The media industry has undergone tremendous change and growth in the past decade, with several companies now dominating the world's most valuable lists. Today's media organisations are faced with the challenge of balancing their traditional, high-quality legacy media offerings with the need to adapt to new consumption models.

While the need for change is clear, many organizations struggle to navigate this transformation without jeopardising their revenue streams. That's where Simpala comes in.

Our expert team specialises in implementing innovative solutions that help media companies transform safely and efficiently, positioning themselves for success in today's ever-evolving market. Let us help you navigate this complex landscape and achieve your business objectives.


At Simpala, we have a proven track record of working with major clients in the media industry, including outdoor advertising, digital news and insights, events, and magazines. We understand the unique challenges faced by these businesses, such as advertising regulations, inventory management and fulfillment, billing, and the increasingly complex sales and quoting processes.

Our expert team takes the time to fully understand your organisation's specific needs and challenges before crafting a customised roadmap to deliver innovative solutions that meet your objectives. Let us help you navigate these challenges and achieve success in today's rapidly evolving media landscape.

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If Salesforce is technology you are considering for your transformation, you can be confident in Simpala’s ability to implement the following media-focused products:

  • Sales Cloud: Track ad sales, manage inventory, and provide analytics.
  • Marketing Cloud: Manage campaigns, automate emails, and deliver targeted content.
  • Service Cloud: Manage customer inquiries, provide support, and track interactions.
  • Experience Cloud: Build online communities, engage audiences, and provide self-service support.
  • Einstein Analytics: Optimize ad placement and measure marketing campaign effectiveness.
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Standing still is not an option and in some cases even moving forward slowly won’t be enough to stay competitive over the coming years.

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